wangechiAmidst the ongoing lyrical feud between Kenya’s hip hop femcees, Wangechi has spoken up for the first time and revealed she won’t be engaging in the scuffle.

According to the Cardiac Arrest rapper, none of the female rappers who have mentioned her is worth her time.

She told Word Is,  “I can’t even give them my two seconds. Of all those femcees who have mentioned me, none of them is at my level.

“Dissing them back will only amount to giving them free but short-lived publicity. So, I am not bothered.”

Wangechi also revealed some of the drawbacks she has had to face following the tragic road accident on September 14th, 2014.

“I can say that it hasn’t been an easy journey for me since that accident. I can, however, say that I have recovered but not fully.”

“The accident drastically affected my music career in various ways,” said Wangechi.

Apparently and quite unfortunate, Wangechi cannot play any musical instrument, something which is vital in a musician’s career and development.

“I have never told this to anyone before but it can amuse you if I told you that I can’t play any music instrument.”

She added, “My left side, from the brain all the way to my feet was badly affected. For example, I can’t synchronise movements from my left hand with my right. My right side is too fast in doing things.

“I can’t even play the guitar or even dance in a synchronized manner.”

That, however, has not stopped her from her work as an artist.

“I haven’t allowed the prevailing circumstances derail me from my work as an artiste. I am fresh from doing a campaign track for beer brand Tusker, which really paid me well. So, I am comfortable,” she says.

Wangechi will also be releasing her new EP, ‘Don’t Consume If Seal Is Broken’ today.