raoCord leader Raila Odinga has faced criticism for ‘refusing’ to retire from active politics.

This week, the president and his deputy attacked him for not seeing anything positive in the government, and being too old for any office. Ruto used the famous phrase ‘Amebakisha risasi moja’.. translated to ”He has one bullet left’.

Raila has now answered Jubilee, saying that he is the agemates with US President-elect Donald Trump and his competitor in the just concluded election Hillary Clinton. (Raila is 71, Trump 70 and Clinton 69).

The former Prime Minister further reminded Uhuru that his own father, Jomo Kenyatta, was 80 years old when he became president of Kenya (He was 73).

He said that it is the people who will decide whether he is too old to lead them.

Raila further accused Uhuru of lying to the people of central that he is an enemy of the Kikuyu. He cited his own intervention in the Murang’a water project to show that he is a leader of all Kenyans. Here’s the clip.