akotheeAin’t we glad to have Akothee in a relatively uneventful showbiz scene. The singer’s outgoing and hilarious personality is undoubtedly what sets her apart from the rest of Kenyan celebrities.

She effortlessly involves her fans not only in the biggest moments of her life but also in the smallest moments and leaves a lasting impression.

On Thursday, she was at it once again as she posted an interesting clip of what her breakfast is like. The clip shows Akothee in a white robe taking tea with dollar bills spread across a table.

“Tea on top of dollars tastes better than tea on top of Mt.Kilimanjaro,” claims Akothee as she promotes her highly anticipated project dubbed ‘Benefactor.’

By the reactions on social media, the clip has cracked people’s ribs and further endeared the singer to her fans.

Check it out below:

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