Education CS Fred Matiang’i surprised us yesterday by announcing that only 141 KCSE candidates in the whole nation got a plain A. That is less than Alliance and a few other notable schools got last year.

Without a doubt that was the biggest talking point.

It makes us put into perspective the grades we got. A 2016 ‘A’ will moving forward be held in much high esteem than any other before it.

With such shocking results, there are plenty of funny individual tales. What caught my eyes is this lady who tweeted about her cousin who repeated form 4 to better his grade.

He got a B+ in 2015 but thought he could do better.. Unfortunately, Matiang’i happened. This is what he has now.

Here’s another joke.

Apparently Kabarak’s As came down from 200 to just 2.

Even Boniface Mwangi had his own joke… Ngai!, kwani he got a D.

A few more…

Anyway, there are lots of these jokes on Twitter, and basically candidates all over the country are having a big laugh because their results are a joke… LOL!