larry-madowoIn the case between Larry Madowo and blogger Cyprian Nyakundi, a judge yesterday found the TV presenter in contempt of court.

The details are scanty, considering the usual 3 or so Twitter users and their bots hijacked the flow of information with #MadowoGoingToJail.

It started some months back when an audio clip of Nyakundi and Xtiandela allegedly extorting Bidco millions of Shillings went viral. Larry Madowo commented about it on his blog and TV.

Nyakundi gave him an ultimatum to apologize, but a defiant Madowo refused. He was sued for defamation.

Larry famously told Nyakundi ‘to take a loan’ in readiness for the bruising legal battle ahead.

Cyprian Nyakundi
Cyprian Nyakundi

Yesterday, the court made a decision in Nyakundi’s favour, but again because of the Twitter bots and their sketchy hashtags, we’ve not gotten hold of the actual ruling. It is highly likely the judge did not give the final defamation ruling, but just found Madowo in contempt of court.

According to some reports, Madowo went on to talk about the ongoing case outside the court even after explicit orders not to.

It is however unlikely that the court will give Madowo a fine too high for him or his employer to pay. He should appear in court on December 16th.

Meanwhile, his lawyer Donald Kipkorir took to Twitter to rubbish reports that his client is going to jail.

”Larry Madowo is my client and is not going to any jail. People need to read the ruling of the Magistrate.” he tweeted.


Madowo also expressed confidence that he is not going to jail.

”I have complete faith in my lawyer @DonaldBKipkorir and the legal system to protect my free speech rights. Also, I’m not going to jail,” he tweeted.