westlandsAn elderly couple was Sunday morning evicted from their house in Westlands and the structure demolished by a developer claiming ownership of the property.

The property is one among tens that have been targetted by “new owners” on the pretext that their leases had expired, Standard reports.

According to reports, here has been a cartel taking over such property in the city evicting old owners in an unprecedented manner.

The couple claimed they had been living on the quarter-acre piece of land valued at Sh80 million since 1972.

Ms Parin, 70 and her husband 74 learnt lease of the property which is on Jalaram Road next to Oval Place in Westlands had expired in 2009.

However, unbeknown to them, an entity known as Franc Logistics obtained a title deed of the land.  The survey plan was issued in 2015.

The family of Ms Parin Kurji who is the head of biometry at the University of Nairobi then lodged a complaint with the National Land Commission.

Commission vice-chairperson Abigael Mbagaya, who visited the site with Commissioner Abdikadir Khalif, CEO Tom Chavangi and lands PS Mariam el Maawy said the Kurji family was supposed to be given priority in the renewal of the lease on the property.

Police said they were looking for businessman Francis Njeru for questioning as there were no orders to warrant the demolition.

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