Ms Gladys Kamande
Ms Gladys Kamande

We’ve heard many times that no matter our situation, things can always be worse.

A street urchin in Thika was this week moved to tears after encountering a terminally ill woman who relies on an oxygen tank for her survival.

The boy identified as John Thuo, was in the process of begging from motorists when fate took him to the lady – Ms Gladys Kamande.

Ms Kamande was seated on the front seat of the car, and was reportedly driving around town asking wellwishers for money to raise Sh7 million needed for a lung reconstruction surgery.

When the young boy approached her window to beg, he was left speechless by what he saw.

He was overwhelmed by emotions and could not contain his tears. In a perfect illustration of the age-old saying that ‘Nobody is too poor to give,’ Thuo gave Ms Kamande Sh100… believed to be the entire amount he had gotten from begging the whole day.

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“I was in a car in Thika together with friends trying to create awareness on my condition, to get well-wishers to help me with the amount of money needed for my surgery. And that is when the boy came to our car asking for money,” Ms Kamende told Nation in a phone interview.

“He then saw me and started getting emotional, sympathizing with my condition. He cried a lot and proceeded to give me the money he had been able to collect from his begging which was sh100, so that I can go to hospital and get better.”


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It did not end there.

The boy threw away the bottle of glue he was sniffing, and asked Ms Kamande to take him with her so he can help with house chores. She however took him to a children’s home in Thika, but promised to return for him when she feels better.

We have previously written about Ms Gladys Kamande and how her husband left her when things got tough.

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To contribute to her medical fund, and potentially reunite her with the streetboy, use these numbers.

Paybill Number: 891300
Account Name: GLADYS

Mobile Number: 0716 338018
(Wambui Kamande)
Mobile Number: 0718 036537
(Gladys Wairimu)