Cathy Irungu, a parliamentary aspirant from Mathira, Nyeri, has claimed that she was sexually harassed by young men during last week’s Jubilee Party elections.

Ms Irungu on Tuesday said youths well known to her slapped her, manhandled and touched her inappropriately during the chaotic polls at Nyeri National Polytechnic.

She said the young men were hired to intimidate her into dropping her bid.

“Some men pushed me to the wall and grabbed my breasts. They also intimidated me to drop my bid and show that I have no space in Jubilee,” said Ms Irungu.

Speaking at Nyeri Town Police Post, Ms Irungu threatened to mobilise her supporters to demonstrate if action is not taken against the perpetrators.

“If police will not take any action I will mobilise my supporters for a demonstration to air my complaints,” she said.

“Women are tired of insecurity and violence on gender. I was sexually assaulted during the chaotic party polls and it was a bad experience. Women must be allowed to participate in politics,” she added.

She called on Jubilee to assure female candidates of their security.