More and more Kenyans are starting to stand up against corruption and bullies.

Road hogs have been a huge concern for long… people who cannot wait patiently in the line like everyone else, but instead chose to overlap.

The other day, we saw Larry Madowo use his car to block a rogue MP who was overlapping, as Boniface Mwangi gave him a piece of his mind.

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Now yesterday, another media personality decided to do right on the road by attempting to block a rogue driver.

A Jubilee branded Land Cruiser tried to overlap, but NTV’s Dann Mwangi could not watch and do nothing. Writing on Twitter, Dann said that the driver almost hit him deliberately for denying him a chance to break the law.

”@JubileePartyK branded VX tried to overlap; traffic & I didn’t allow. Almost hit me deliberately for denying him a chance to break the law”

Here’s the car incase you spot it.