Revered Christian singer Bahati Bukuku is alive, contrary to malicious reports that she passed on in a fatal road accident.

The Tanzanian singer, known for hits such as ‘Dunia Haina Huruma’, ‘Heshima ya Dhahabu’, and ‘Umewazidi Wote’ accuses her enemies of plotting her downfall.

Speaking to Planet Bongo on EA Radio the singer said she has since reported the matter to authorities who have launched investigations.

“It is only God who knows when I will die. Those people who are publishing the false reports believe that they would ruin my reputation and consequently reduce the number of people who appreciate my work. The devil’s plan won’t succeed,” Bahati Bukuku said.

Early this year, the singer reportedly fell into depression after the loss of her mother, Enea Bukuku who passed away on January 12.

Her false death reports come just days after Tanzanian singer Mr Nice was also killed by the internet and a tabloid claiming he was suffering from a deadly disease.