A case filed by Roshanara Ibrahim, the former Miss Kenya 2016 contestant who was dethroned about five months ahead of the ongoing Miss World contest in the US, has been dismissed by a Nairobi court.

The court dismissed Roshanara’s petition against Ashleys Kenya Ltd, Mrs Terry Mungai and the reigning Miss World Kenya 2016 Evelyn Njambi as lacking any legal basis.

Ashleys Kenya, the franchise holders, stripped her of the title on what they termed as breach of their code of conduct, after which Roshanara  sought legal redress.

Terry Mungai, the CEO Ashleys Kenya Ltd expressed joy in the ruling saying: “I’m happy to state that the court was not swayed by all the theatrics that had preceded the case and that justice has prevailed in the end amidst all the false narratives and claims that had been propagated in the media.”

“We were always confident that the law would be upheld by our robust justice system.

The office of Miss World Kenya will continue to uphold and protect the integrity of the franchise and we believe this judgement will also go a long way in guiding aspiring models,” she added.