It’s exactly 10 days before Christmas and the holiday bug is catching everyone. This is the season to give and be given.

Everyone has their own way to celebrate Christmas. Some head upcountry for a few days or even weeks. Some go to Mombasa and other coastal destinations. Naivasha is also becoming a popular destination for those seeking an experience out of Nairobi.

There are those privileged enough to afford a holiday out of the country to exotic destinations like Dubai or South Africa.

However no matter how you spend yours, one thing is standard across board… shopping.

This is the time we get ourselves new clothes and shoes, our kids new toys, our parents various gifts, and our other relatives bulk household shopping.

The financial dent left in our pockets is as inevitable as it is worrying. That’s why in less than 3 weeks we’ll be crying about Njaanuary.

At this point, anyone that can save you from a financial hellhole is your biggest friend.

In that regard, comes to mind.

They have launched what they are calling ‘Citi Wednesday’ – a day of free shopping.

In a nutshell, at exactly 12 noon today (and every Wednesday), there will be free shopping on the site. But there’s a catch. It will only be for 10 minutes.

10 minutes is a lot of time to make a purchase online, especially if you make prior arrangements like signing in and identifying your product prior to the window (expert tip).

You can access the free shopping category on this link. To put it in perspective, if it were a physical supermarket, you just walk in, put your product in the basket or cart and walk out without paying a thing.

You really can’t afford to miss this.

Share the Christmas spirit. Don’t learn of something this cool and keep it to yourself. Free Shopping