ahadiAhadi Kenya Trust CEO Stanley Kamau has said that bachelors are worst hit by the jigger menace than any other section of the population in the country.

Speaking during a recent jigger eradication drive in Lamu, Mr Kamau said the situation has to a large extent hindered efforts to fight jiggers in various parts of the country.

According to data from Ahadi Kenya, 70 per cent of bachelors are infected and living with jiggers in Kenya, and, very few married men suffer from jiggers compared to their unmarried counterparts.

Mr Kamau urged eligible young men to find wives  so as to reduce jigger infestation cases in affected areas.

“According to our research, 60 per cent of those affected by jiggers are children. Seventy per cent of the remaining 40 per cent are bachelors. We have rarely found women affected by jiggers. The same way, it is hard to find a married man with jiggers. It is time for men to marry so as to survive and escape jiggers,” said Kamau as quoted by The Star.

Ahadi Kenya Trust and the World Wide Fund for Nature were in Lamu over the weekend to donate 6,000 shoes and sandals to the Boni Community.