miguna-migunaThe whole of Thursday, Kenyan on Twitter were on Miguna Miguna’s throat for comments he made the previous night on Jeff Koinange Live.

Jeff Koinange had invited Nairobi gubernatorial candidates, but only Miguna and Passaris bothered to show up. However, what was supposed to be a debate on issues turned into a shouting match with constant vulgar language from both participants, but more from Miguna.

In a video recorded during a commercial break, Miguna was heard saying, “Everybody is raping Esther…Esther is so beautiful… everybody wants to rape her …”

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That greatly angered Kenyans and for the better part of the day, the hashtag #MigunaRespectWomen was trending.

But it did not take long for Miguna to come out guns blazing to defend himself. On Facebook, he said that the video was ‘edited’ to omit the part where Passaris accused him of rape.

Part of his statement read,


”I understand that there is an edited video circulating about an interaction Esther Passaris and I had off-set yesterday during the second Nairobi gubernatorial debate on KTN TV’s #JKL.

The video omits the portion where Esther Passaris falsely accused me of rape. She did not specify whom I had allegedly raped, where, when and with what evidence.

My response was to state that “Esther believes that she is so beautiful that everyone wants to rape her…” It was done sarcastically to expose her duplicity.

Esther Passaris also alleged that I don’t have a house in Nairobi and that I cannot allegedly “pay rent.”

My response was that “even a fool knows that Esther Passaris is lying.”

Esther Passaris purports to be vying for the Nairobi gubernatorial seat as Esther Passaris. She cannot therefore project herself merely as a woman.”


That begs the question, should Miguna’s statements be taken as a disrespect to women?

If it is true that Passaris brought up the rape issue, should Miguna therefore be judged for picking up on the same?

Kenyan women have been known to play the feminist card many times. They are quick to pull it out whenever they disagree with you, and the comments on Twitter on this saga are proof.

Miguna is known to have an abrasive personality, and he has actually called Sonko, Kidero and the ‘cartels’ worse names. It’s a surprise nobody has ever started a #MigunaRespectMen hashtag.

The former advisor to the Prime Minister is an extremely obnoxious man. I would not like to be in the same room with him.

Without a doubt his statements and actions will continue to be very controversial. But do you think the statements he directed at Passaris were influenced by her gender?