size-85Word on the street has it that gospel couple Size 8 Reborn and DJ Mo spent a staggering amount of money to celebrate their daughter’s first birthday.

The couple treated about 100 guests at Giraffe Arc resort in Nyeri, paid for their transport, accommodation, food and luxuries.

They also treated themselves by spending the night in the Family Luxury suite which costs Sh64,000 per night.

According to an unnamed source, the celebrations set them back close to Sh500,000.

Speaking to Heads Up, Size 8 Reborn did not disclose the exact amount but explained why she had to go all out for her daughter Ladasha belle Wambui.

“I cannot reveal the exact amount I spent on my baby but she deserves it. I never had time to celebrate her since she was born. For starters, she was underweight since I had complications with the placenta making it hard for her to feed. My mother had also died at the same time so I was grieving,” the Mateke singer said.

“This was also a chance for both of our extended families to bond. My mother-in-law who helped me raise the baby in the first few months as I recovered from hypertension was also there,” she added.

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