josephineWhen you steal hundreds of millions of taxpayers money, the least you can do is change your wardrobe and improve your fashion sense.

On Tuesday, Kenyans watched in horror as former hairdresser Josephine Kabura narrated how she withdrew tens of millions on single days and carried the amount from banks without security.

After her sitting with the Parliamentary Accounts Committee, we learnt 4 things about the NYS suspect.

1. She is the most trusting person. She lent a friend Sh60 million without security.

2. She has superhuman strength. She was able to carry about 100kg of cash on multiple occasions.

3. She has the memory of a goldfish. She could not remember who she paid tens of millions. She could also not remember the name of the quarry or the owner of the quarry she dealt with.

4. The money has not helped her very much… at least in the fashion department.

On the last point, one Facebook user, @Biiby Biiby had this to say.