kushLess than a fortnight ago, female rapper Kush Tracey allegedly claimed that her former lover, Timmy TDat is not as energetic in the sack as he is on the stage.

His skills are not the best, let us just say ‘yuko’ down. On bedroom matters, he is not as energetic as the guy you see on stage when performing,” Kush told a local tabloid.

Timmy T’Dat ho is currently riding high on a number of releases such as  Haitosi feat Wyre, Tunakubali featuring The Kansoul and his latest track Iromo, with Sudi Boy, has responded to Kush Tracey’s claims.

In an interview with Kiss 100, Timmy reveals why the broke up in the first place, if he physically abused Kush Tracey and clarifies on his bedroom skills.

Watch the interview below: