eric1Popular comedian Omondi and his girlfriend Chantal Grazioli should just pack and join Lupita in Hollywood because they have managed to fool us all with their impeccable acting skills.

The video of their fight at an unnamed restaurant was not real, even after Eric misled some media outlets that the fight took place back in February.

As it turns out it was all a marketing strategy, something some of us suspected from the very beginning.

In a new video, Eric Omondi explains what the video was all about saying, “None of that was real, I would never fight an Italian.”

While Eric Omondi did send airtime to a some ladies, it was not because he was cheating. It all has to do with the app, OCharge, an airtime recharge app that rewards you with deals and discounts everytime you top up airtime.

“He simply downloaded the app and went crazy; buying airtime for anyone and everyone,” explained Chantal. “With the points he took me to some cool places and bought me sweet things J I think he did it for me.”

Watch Eric explain below:

They also managed to re-enact the fight in this video: