vihigaA 16-year old student died under mysterious circumstances in Vuyiya, Vihiga county, after a date with a teacher at a local bar.

The Form Three student went missing on September 13 after visiting the teacher she reportedly met through Facebook.

Her mother Linet Keseri, told The Star that the girl was sent home on September 9 to collect Sh1,000 in remedial fee arrears.

She said an uncle gave the girl the money on September 13 but she did not make the payment when she returned to school so she could be sent home again.

Keseri said her daughter recounted her ordeal after she was found by police but died days later.

“After being sent home, she hitched a boda boda ride to Kegoye Secondary School to see the teacher,” said Keseri. “It was the first time that the girl and Silas Muhadia were meeting.”

The student informed her mother that the teacher bought her a change of clothes as she went to Kegoye in her school uniform.

“Later at 7pm, they went to Majengo market. We believe that it was here that the girl was given alcohol and later booked into a hotel room,” she said.

Keseri said her daughter told her that the teacher forced her to take alcohol before she was taken to a lodging at Club Base in Majengo.

The girl reportedly claimed the teacher told her he had “to get value for his money.”

The teacher left for school saying he would be back but the student reportedly left the room at about 9pm and started walking towards Kisumu.

Keseri said her daughter was abducted moments later in Boyani area

“My daughter said she was abducted by three people who sped off towards Kisumu town,” her mother said.


She said the girl must have been drugged as she woke up at Nyamasaria in Kisumu on the morning of September 14. She was found by a grocer who took her to her house where she stayed for about two weeks.

Speaking to journalists, Keseri said that Vihiga DCI officers tracked the girl through her Facebook account,

“They found her at Ukwala and she was taken to Vihiga police station where she recorded a statement. She looked stressed and frail. Police advised us to take her for a medical check up before she could be interrogated further,” she said.

She was taken back to school on November 1 but was admitted to Mungoma hospital in Majengo the next day after falling ill.

She went into a coma and died on November 6, said her mother.

She added that her last words were: “Silas, you have destroyed my life.”

Additional Reporting by The Star