niceVeteran Tanzanian singer Mr. Nice continues to face difficult times in his attempt to make a meaningful comeback into the music scene.  The latest of his troubles have it that he could be HIV positive according to local social media reports.

The singer who is currently doing a number of his songs in Kenya has responded to the malicious allegations and explained the reason as to why he was admitted in hospital for months before finally being discharged.

“Do I look like I am HIV positive, or dying for that matter? Truth is, I am fit as a fiddle healthwise contrary to recent reports that went doing rounds insinuating that I could be living positively,” Mr. Nice told SDE.

“I do not deny having been admitted in hospital sometime last year for a period of about three months owing to the fact that I was poisoned during the campaign season and to date I have no idea who would want to finish me. Nevertheless, I owe my life to God,” he added.

Mr.Nice, real name Lucas Mkenda was once a prominent artist in the East Africa region before his fall from grace. He is best known for Takeu (initials of Tanzania, Kenya and Uganda respectively) style of music.