Shonduras: Net Worth – $2 Million

Shonduras Net Worth
Real Name: Shaun Todd McBride Subscribers: 950k+
Birth Place: West Point, Utah Channel Type: Illustrations, Sports
Date of Birth: July 7, 1989 Marital Status: Married
Nationality: American Education:
Occupation: Snapchat, YouTuber Hobbies: Skating

Shonduras was born in West Point, Utah, as Shaun McBride.

In 2006, he went on an LDS mission to Honduras for two years. Upon returning home, his friends coined the name ‘Shonduras’ – a combination of “Shaun” and “Honduras.” The name stuck.

Like several other social media stars, Shaun started off his journey to stardom on a different video platform other than YouTube, in this case Snapchat. However despite the revenue opportunities on YouTube that are not available on other platforms, he did not abandon his Snapchat and to this day still draws a bigger audience there.

Part of the reasons he did not drop everything to join YouTube is because he was already doing pretty well for himself on snapchat. He is able to attract big brands like Disney, Samsung and Tacos to sponsor some of his stories, at times to the tune of $30,000. This he owes to his hundreds of thousands of loyal fans.

In 2015, Shonduras did the very noble thing of telling his own story so that other people do not ‘mistell’ it.

He documented his life journey in this 12 minute YouTube video.

How Much Does Shonduras Earn on YouTube?

By late 2016, Shonduras had nearly 900,000 subscribers on the video platform. That figure was seeing a growth of about 1600 daily subscribers, translating to over 8 million video views a month.

Overall, Shonduras had over 95 million YouTube video views.

He uploads a new video everyday, which translates to a stable graph with an upward trend in both subscribers and monthly video views.

On average YouTube pays between $1 and $3 per 1000 views. Unfortunately, not every view counts, since some users have installed ad-blockers, view through unsupported devices etc. Rough estimates put the monetizable views at around 60%.

Using those figures, Shonduras has made between $60,000 and $180,000 from YouTube.

Currently, Shonduras gets an average of 264,000 video views daily according to social blade. That translates to nearly 8 million monthly video views.

Using the known YouTube cost per thousand views figure, and the average percentage monetizable views, it’s possible that Shonduras makes about $8000 monthly directly from YouTube ads.

That would value his YouTube channel at between $180,000 and $240,000.

However, Honduras makes much more on Snapchat. It has been reported that some advertisers pay him up to $30,000 to create viral stories. That makes his name and brand quite valuable.

He also sells branded merchandise on his personal website but it would be difficult to estimate how much he makes from them. Shonduras further makes more money speaking at social media events.

Based on his diverse revenue streams, it would be difficult to put an actual figure on his net worth, but going with information on others in his league, we can have an estimate.

Shonduras’ net worth is about $2 million (2017)