mas2Singer Massiger has dropped a new hit and potential club banger dubbed Shindu Shange (my things).

Watching the video, the first thing that strikes me is the beats. You can tell from the word go that this will be catchy and potentially BIG. Most artists produce killer lyrics but overlook other aspects which end up killing the song.

Shindu Shange then destroys all stereotypes about vernacular songs and good videos. Let’s face it, most vernacular songs, some of which have even received national acclaim, have pathetic videos. The shooting location is mostly downright cheap (swimming pool must be present), and the video quality is low. Most video vixens used in vernacular songs look like they were collected somewhere along Mfangano street and paid minimum wage.

But not Shindu Shange.



Massiger went for top class. The video vixen and dancers are fit and look much better than some of the girls on Nairobi Diaries. Their dance moves are choreographed perfectly and work well with the beats. They complement the high quality video.

Sifting through the YouTube comments, I literally saw not negative one. Watch the video and see why.