Sex and money run the world. In our case, sex and corruption.

When they are not robbing us dry, they are engaging in shameful activities in Nairobi hotels.

A city Member of Parliament affiliated to Jubilee has been exposed for looking for sex on the popular app Bopit.

A girl identified only as Betty, has come forward with screenshots of conversations she had with the unnamed married legislator.


Of course this is not the first time a sex scandal involving a politician is hitting blog headlines. Just recently a nominated MCA in Vihiga went into hiding after posting nudes in her county’s Whatsapp group. To make matters worse, Ms Rhoda Omufumu was a church leader and a greatly respected member of the society.

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There was also an MCA in Kilifi whose inappropriate photos with a woman who is not his wife, found their way to social media.

Back to this latest scandal, the outspoken city MP found this hot Betty on the secret messaging app Bopit, and decided to make his move.


“He started chatting with me on the platform just like that. At first, I took it easy. He didn’t seem like he was after much. Just an innocent guy. And then that’s when I knew he’s an MP. Also, a married man. But he kept texting me over and over and over. Offering me trips abroad and even asking me for nude photos. It was crazy. Actually, scary. He’s such a known member of Parliament” Betty said.

Here’s a screenshot of how introduced himself as an MP.


The politician got tired of using the Bopit app and decided to continue the conversation on Whatsapp. That’s where he ‘unleashed the beast’.

“On Bopit, he came off as a guy who was very professional and very upfront with his business. And then, his true colors came off after we started chatting on WhatsApp ” Betty narrates.

Secretly, his main reason for moving the conversation from Bopit to Whatsapp was so that Betty could send photos (read nudes), something he could not do on the former, which is an instant text platform.

Some more screenshots.



The MP eventually brought himself to ask for nudes. Something that Betty was uncomfortable with. She then asked him whether he was married, to which the MP revealed that he was. His wife however works abroad.



The MP was contacted by a local blog, and as usual pleaded ignorance.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about. I am a Honorable Member of Parliament and I am married to one wife.” he said.

“I have no interest in any other girl whatsoever and whoever is impersonating me most face the full force of the law. I also use Bopit only for my travels when I go abroad and not for soliciting for sex!”

Betty insists the MP is lying, daring him to deny ownership of the mobile phone number.

The drama continues on Bopit, which is a mobile travel application that aggregates information on travel, fun and tourism. It was actually voted as one of the 10 best travel apps of 2016.

Unlike many mainstream apps, Bopit allows users to chat anonymously… probably the biggest draw for the promiscuous MP and others like him.

You can download the app on Play Store.