eggA man in Zimbabwe was left bleeding heavily after a prostitute hit his head with a beer bottle. This is after he offered to pay for sex with a boiled egg.

In the investigation conducted on the suspect Moses Mushonga, the Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP) found that there are other cases and complaints lodged against him. The most notable of them are: the pending rape case in 2017 and allegations of fraud submitted by the company

Moses Mushonga, 28, conducted his ‘fisibility’ study in the town of Mvurwi and settled on one 23 year old lady of the night.

He fondled her breasts through her bra without permission before asking for sex in return for the egg. He told her that he had spent his last coin on two eggs, but to make matters worse, he had already eaten one.

Robert Mugabe - Zimbabwe President
Robert Mugabe – Zimbabwe President

The prostitute felt insulted and flew into a rage, hitting hit him with the beer bottle, and then punched him in the face, before knocking him out. She was not charged and simply said that he needed to be taught a lesson.