Tattoos are more often than not considered an art form of self-expression. In Kenya, the art form has caught on with several tattoo parlours springing up in the country as more and more Kenyan youth seek the walking pieces of art.

While most people seek tats on common body parts like arms, chest, back and neck, there are those who have broken the boundaries and gone to the extreme. An example is the rise of eyebrow tattoos.

Apparently, eyebrow tattoos are nothing compared to the latest we have come across – A lip tattoo. Stranger still, it was done on a guy who wanted pink lips.

Why a guy would go through all the pain to have a pink lower lip beats us but to each his own. However, social media was unable to cope after one of Kenya’s finest tattoo artists, Barrytusker shared photos of the inked lip.

Check it out below:



Photos Courtesy/ Instagram: @barrytusker

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