kilimani-policePolice stations in Kenya are nothing to talk about. The cells are dirty and smelly, the painting worn out, no air conditioning.. etc. Some time back, 6 MPs accused of hate speech could not stop complaining about the poor conditions at Pangani Police Station.

It is sad that even stations at the heart of what should be a world class capital are just shoddily done and have not seen major repairs in decades.

But now, Kenya is set to have its first truly modern police station.

The Chinese Embassy, Kenya Private Sector Alliance (KEPSA) and other partners have teamed up to fund the upgrading of Kilimani Police Station to the tune of Sh500 million. Construction will be in two phases with the first expected to be complete by December 2018.


All involved parties held a breakfast meeting at Serena yesterday where graphics and artist impressions were revealed.

The swanky new station will come with modern offices, meeting rooms, reception and waiting area, medical centre, a training centre, a retail centre among other facilities.

The station will also have a gym, which might go a long way in keeping the officers in shape. Inspector General Joseph Boinett said that this will be a model set to be replicated all over the country.

Here are some of the graphics on what is to be built in Kilimani.