coke-parodyThat Kenyans are hilariously creative, we cannot argue! This latest creative project by a Kenyan film producer is one of the best you will see in a while.

One, Kevin Cicino, is the brains behind a brilliant parody of Coca Cola’s 2016 ‘Brotherly Love’ ad.

The Coke commercial depicts a teenager picking on his little brother and then saving him from bullies who are trying to take his bottle of Coke. It debuted at the beginning of the year and is part of Coca-Cola’s global “Taste The Feeling” campaign.

It also features a cover of the 2013 song ‘Hey Brother’, which was originally recorded by the Swedish DJ and producer Avicii.

Now, Kevin and his team which includes popular actor Padi Wubonn have released the Kenyan version and it is rib cracking.

They are calling it ‘Koka Kora – Endure the Feeling.’

Watch below: