bishopBy Mumias ACK Diocese Bishop Beneah Salala

I first set foot in Nairobi in 1974 when travelling from the coast where I was a teacher.

What struck me were the tall buildings,  especially KICC and Hilton hotel that appeared to be moving every time I looked up at them.

It was therefore not surprising that I walked past them very quickly – almost running – fearing that they would fall on me.

My village mind had difficulties grasping how such tall buildings could be erected in the middle of a city teeming with thousands of people. Was this not putting the lives of innocent Kenyans at unnecessary risk? Another thing that scared me was crossing the roads because of the many cars that sped and hooted on the streets.

I waited for hours planning how to cross  the roads. I would watch and study other pedestrians cross before gathering enough courage to do likewise.

I got lost several times, but always used the tall buildings as landmarks to get my bearings right. I loved eating rice with chicken every time I stopped over in the city.

I will never forget the day a pickpocket stole Sh5,000 from my trouser pocket as I boarded an OTC bus. A friend of mine had to come to my rescue to enable me make the journey back to my rural village.

My advice to all first-timers to the city is to be careful. There are very few trustworthy people in Nairobi.

Source: SDE