miguna-jklNairobi gubernatorial hopeful Miguna Miguna yesterday came under scathing attack from Kenyans after comments he made on Jeff Koinange Live on Wednesday night.

A video circulating on social media showed him making a ‘rape joke’ during one of the commercial breaks.

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He released two statements, giving his side of the story in the first, and lamenting that the cartel media had taken down videos of the show posted on YouTube.

Read them below.


I understand that there is an edited video circulating about an interaction Esther Passaris and I had off-set yesterday during the second Nairobi gubernatorial debate on KTN TV’s #JKL.

The video omits the portion where Esther Passaris falsely accused me of rape. She did not specify whom I had allegedly raped, where, when and with what evidence.

My response was to state that “Esther believes that she is so beautiful that everyone wants to rape her…” It was done sarcastically to expose her duplicity.

Esther Passaris also alleged that I don’t have a house in Nairobi and that I cannot allegedly “pay rent.”

My response was that “even a fool knows that Esther Passaris is lying.”

Esther Passaris purports to be vying for the Nairobi gubernatorial seat as Esther Passaris. She cannot therefore project herself merely as a woman.

During the debate, I clearly stated to Jeff Koinange that I didn’t want to attack Passaris but both Jeff and Passaris insisted on the line of questioning and direction the “debate” took.

I have tremendous respect for women. But I don’t respect hypocrites and opportunists who use their gender to seek or obtain advantages that they don’t deserve.

Trying to cheaply play the “woman card” will not work for Esther Passaris, nor will it work for the cartels.

Esther Passaris doesn’t represent the interests of women. She represents only the selfish interests of Esther Passaris.

The Nairobi cartels believe that they are special and are entitled to privileges that the ordinary voter ought not to have.

I don’t subscribe to that elitist philosophy.

The transformative forces are going to liberate Nairobi from the cartels who have reduced Nairobians to poverty, unemployment and destitution.

No amount of spin and propaganda is going to sabotage or undermine our cause.

Thank you!



On Wednesday, November 16, 2016 at 10:00 p.m., Jeff Koinange’s JKL aired a live debate of those vying for the Nairobi Gubernatorial seat to which all declared candidates were invited to but only Esther Passaris and Miguna Miguna showed up for.

The YouTube clip of the Debate was uploaded and posted on YouTube last night.

A repeat airing of the Debate was scheduled today in the morning.

However, the Nairobi Cartels who are undergoing a COMPREHENSIVE DECONSTRUCTION and DECIMATION by the Cartel Buster, MIGUNA MIGUNA, have panicked badly and pulled the plug.

The repeat airing of the show was suddenly cancelled and the YouTube clip has been removed from the internet.

TO PATRIOTS: Let us be robust in our fight against the cartels. The Nairobi cartels must and will be defeated!

Our Votes, Our Power!