joy-doreen-biiraKTN journalist Joy Doreen Biira was on Sunday arrested in Kasese, Uganda.

The Kenyan based Ugandan journalist was reportedly picked up from her uncle’s home by men in military uniform. Also arrested with her were her husband and 3 friends according to Daily Monitor.

By Sunday night, it was unclear where they were being held.

Ms Doreen was reportedly in her country for her traditional marriage ceremony. She then found herself covering skirmishes between UPDF soldiers and tribal King Mumbere’s royal guards, that resulted in about 55 deaths.

This was her last Facebook post before the arrest.

“It’s so sad what I’ve witnessed today with my own eyes — part of the palace of the kingdom I’m from, the rwenzururu kingdom, burning down. It felt like watching your heritage deplete before my eyes.
So the word on the ground is that there have allegedly been recruitments ongoing in exceeds of 1000 men with a motive not yet crystal clear. The heavy gun fire/battle exchange between the army and the royal guards that lasted over 2 hours this afternoon, was apparently after negotiations didn’t bear fruit.

Thing is men have been killed. Not just men but possibly bread winners of families from both sides – the army and royal guards .
Importantly I have watched part of my heritage burn up in flames from near by.”

Where did it all go wrong? Why the killings? Why the rage? Why the stubbornness? Why the ignorance? Why the thirst for blood shed?