Elizabeth Ade, wife of the late Naftali Ade

Police have launched a manhunt for a man alleged to have killed his father in a feud over a meal of rice in Nyando.

The man reportedly hacked his father Naftal Otieno Ade, 58, with a panga on November 17.

According to police, the father returned home from work at 7pm and picked a quarrel with his son at their home in Boya.

“We were informed that the suspect was in the house together with other siblings and the father who looked drunk rejected the meal of rice which was offered, and the two got into an altercation which degenerated into a fight,” said Nyando DCIO Robinson Cherenje.

The suspect then grabbed a panga and attacked his father before fleeing.

Mr Otieno, a veterinary doctor at the Kisumu County government, was taken to Ahero County Hospital the following morning where he was treated and discharged.

He was returned to the hospital after his condition worsened but later succumbed.

Police accused the family of trying to cover up the incident as the assault was not reported to any police station. The family was reportedly trying to bury Otieno without conducting a postmortem.

“We had to visit the home today and forcibly take statements. This is a serious issue that cannot be treated as a mere domestic misunderstanding as a life has been lost,” said Cherenje.

The deceased’s widow, Elizabeth Akinyi, declined to speak on the matter.

“I was not around when the incident happened and I cannot say anything. You can ask the deceased’s brothers to take you to the family spokesman,” Akinyi told Standard.