kabeteMembers of Destiny of King’eero Women’s Group raided a drinking den in Kabete on Wednesday morning and attacked drunk men.

The more than 50 women are said to have rained slaps, kicks, blows on four men found drinking at the home of a suspected chang’aa seller.

The men fled to a nearby maize plantation following the ambush at the home of Franco Okori.


“They said we were only there to sire children, give them food and wash their clothes, not control their happiness,” said member Martha Wairimu as quoted by The Star.

“Many young men have been affected as they normally flock the home on early mornings. They do not bring anything home but still ask for food.”

Jane Chege, the chairperson for the women’s group formed to monitor drinking joints in King’eero township, said they found 10litress of chang’aa in several branded bottles.

She said many women have been miserable as their alcoholic partners do not satisfy them sexually and cannot sire children.


The chang’aa seller, Mr Okori, 50, was frogmarched with a sample to King’eero police station where he was locked up by the area OCS Njeri Nthiga.

Kiambu county alcoholic drinks and control board director, Michael Kang’ethe thanked the women for arresting the suspect.