julie1That there are many nondescript blogs giving the rest of us a bad name is no secret. What’s also true is that social media responsibility is greatly needed.

Popular media personality Julie Gichuru is the latest to call for social media responsibility following an article by gossip site, ‘nation newspaper’, which posted photos of a drunk lady alluding it to be the former Citizen TV news anchor.

Worse still, the link to the article was shared on Facebook by a fake Kanze Dena page.


Julie took to social media to respond to the slander, calling for action against ‘stupidity and irresponsibility on social media.’

“Too many online fraudsters, mercenaries and assassins. Just one of the many reasons why we need to contain stupidity and irresponsibility on social media. Jokers find a picture of a woman falling down and say she is me. Even worse they are impersonating my friend, the lovely kanze dena.

While this instance is barely believable (she doesn’t even look like me) there are cases where the lies are more believable and damage may be done. Very sad. So wrong.

Just ask, is it OK for them to do it to you? How do we stop it before they get there? Even worse, are these the realities we are creating and enabling for our children? Let’s talk about this…” Posted Julie.