Ronald Kiprotich Melly (Right) – impostor medical superintendent (Photo/Nation)

If you were seeking more evidence that we are a joke of a country, here you go. Ronald Kiprotich Melly, the 28 year old quack doctor who made headlines last week has returned home.

Over the weekend, Kiprotich received a heroic reception at his Tinderet home, just a day after he was released on Sh500,000 bond.

Tens of friends and family turned up to mark his return with pomp and colour. The culmination of the event was his endorsement for the Tinderet MCA seat.


They lauded him for having performed ‘successful’ surgeries and being meticulous in his work despite being unqualified. Residents believe that Ronald should not be punished but trained so he can continue with the good work.


Melly, who was arrested in Nairobi on Monday last week, faced three charges namely; forgery of documents, using the title ‘doctor’ without being licensed or registered, and impersonation of a medical officer. He was arrested at the Kenya Medical Practitioners and Dentists Board offices, where he had been tricked to believe he was going to renew his permanent medical licence.

As the medical superintendent of Meteitei Sub-County Hospital in Nandi, he carried out at least nine caesareans and 21 minor surgeries.

Out of the 9 caesarean surgeries, 8 were successful but one led to the death of the mother. The baby was saved.

His acceptance and endorsement by his community shows just how much as a nation we’ve come to accept impunity.

  • Marisa

    He was probably a theater nurse or even a subordinate staff who learned surgery as in job training. There have been true stories of ceasarien sections done in the bush due to civil strife and lack of hospital care,which is not the case with Kenya. The patients will heal, but complications will happen in the next and following pregnancies.The damage is already done,all in the name of “the tribe”. Shame.