jklKTN has now come out to clarify that Jeff Koinange is not an employee of the Standard Group, but merely a ‘contractor’.

The controversial host and the TV station that airs his Wednesday and Thursday night show have come under harsh criticism after last wednesday night’s show.

Jeff hosted Nairobi gubernatorial aspirants Miguna Miguna and Esther Passaris for what was supposed to be a debate on issues. However, it ended up being anything but.

Both guests showed little respect for each other, with Miguna in particular constantly using vulgar language. It was however a recording of the happenings during a commercial break that infuriated Kenyans.

The controversial lawyer was heard making a rape joke directed at Passaris.

All along, Jeff did nothing and at times seemed to steer the ugly direction his show was taking. This is in fact not the first time he has been accused of something similar.

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KTN has now come out to clear the air on the kind of arrangement they have with the Emmy award winning journalist.

Appearing on NTV’s Press Pass on Monday night, Standard Digital Editor David Ohito said, ”I would want to remind the viewers here and anybody else who is interested that there are ways in which TV stations work. One includes outsourcing credible people to produce content and then you simply air. That is how Jeff Koinange’s show came to KTN. I want to clarify again that Jeff Koinange is not in the ranked file of the staff of the Standard Group. But the management has taken a decision which it will be following administratively.” 

However, Mr. Ohito observed that they too were concerned.

”As a media house the Standard Group had concerns, very genuine ones internally and we have taken what we call internal mechanisms and which is why we brought down the content in the online version.”

He however did not promise to take any further action.