kykiSomeone pointed out that Kenya’s female rappers are using food analogies to diss each other because they love food. There was ‘Pilau Njeri’ by FemiOne, then came ‘Kuku Mwitu’ and now, the newest entrant in the game Kyki has dropped ‘Avocado.’

‘Avocado’ is Kyki’s second diss after ‘Kuku Mwitu’ in which she called out a host of artists in the game, including veterans. It remains to be seen whether she can survive in the game after that suicidal track.

Suicidal or not, she has gotten a much-needed publicity and even appeared on The Trend over the weekend where she launched ‘Avocado.’

She claims: ‘Avocado is a feel good track in which she tells other femcees and whack mcees she is an apple ,(tofaa in Swahili) a special fruit and they are avocados a fruit commonly used to spice up maize and beans which is widely considered to be a meal of the struggling and locally known as githeri.’

Watch below: