citi1Kenya has one of the most developed internet usage in Africa. Nearly 70% of the population use the net for numerous activities like email and social media. A good number do other online transactions like Driver’s License renewal, registration of companies, KRA PIN registration etc.

However when it comes to online shopping, most Kenyans have not caught up. As a percentage of all retail sales in the country, online shopping accounts for less than 1%. In countries like the US, that number is more than 10%.

One of the biggest reasons Kenya has seen such a low adoption rate is trust issues. Some people who have never purchased online still think they are being conned. There are a few global trustworthy online shopping sites, but the logistics of importing the products into Kenya are too much, with a very big risk you’ll never receive your product.

All this is about to change with a new trustworthy entrant, who is not only selling local stuff, but also importing products in just 14 days. was launched a few months ago and has already proven to be a favourite for both seasoned and first time online buyers.

The site is basically a 2-in-1 platform. There’s the buyer side and the vendor side.

Buyer Side

Nowadays there is no shortage of online shopping sites. But Citimarket sets itself apart in several ways.

The first and most obvious is the pricing. They have been able to source the products at the least possible prices, and then sacrificed mega profits to enable them price the goods at the least possible amounts.

Quickly browsing through the site, I find great android phones for under Sh5000 and some with features that can rival an iPhone for under Sh20,000.

If you love Apple, the new iPhone 7 is going for Sh94,999.. probably the cheapest price you’ll find anywhere.

On Citimarket, you’ll also find a 32 inch TV for only Sh19,999, and many others for less.

This Black Friday for instance, there is a big offer on a 49 inch TV which is going for only Sh37,999, down from Sh53,000.


In the lifestyle department, you’ll find an unrivaled collection of men, women and kids’ fashion, as well as hair and beauty products. Not forgetting tons of children’s toys. is the only Kenyan online shopping site that is selling liquor. Wines, whisky, vodka, tequila.. etc. All the major brands are available, plus many other lesser known brands.

Somehow, they’ve been able to price them lower than almost every wines and spirits shop out there.

In another first, Citimarket is the only online shopping site selling agricultural goods. Since some pesticides and herbicides are not easily found, especially upcountry, this is an opportunity to bring on board the older generation to this online craze.

The good thing about all this is the payment methods offered. If you are uncomfortable giving out your debit card numbers online, you can pay via the more familiar MPesa. Better still, there is the cash on delivery option.

Vendor Side

The vendor/seller the most critical aspect of online shopping. Apart from selling its own products, Citimarket offers a platform for small individuals or companies to sell their own products.

Many Kenyan businessmen have tried their hand in online selling, but often use the wrong strategy. Selling on Facebook groups may give you an audience, but the platform is not designed for that. Hence, most end up quitting. The second option is starting your own online shop. What many quickly find out is that building the site is the easiest part. Handling the logistics is everything.

This is where Citimarket comes in. Once you register as a vendor, you get access to a dashboard that tracks your orders, inventory etc. The obvious benefit is the ease in convincing people to buy at an already established shopping site than if you were to start your own. Plus, when Citimarket engages in its own online and offline promotions, there is a positive trickle-down effect on the vendors.

As a vendor on Citimarket, you don’t have to worry about the logistics. Just create or source for your product, and when a purchase is made, Citimarket will send a person to pick it up and deliver it to the buyer. You also have the option of storing your product at their warehouse.

Vendors receive their cash on 15th and 30th of every month.

I don’t think it gets easier than this.

Head over to right now.