churchillLaugh Industry, producers of popular comedy programme ‘Churchill Show’ have moved to clarify on allegations of fraud by popular blogger Robert Alai.

According to the blogger, a guy who won the Safaricom 4G Sh 40,000 cash prize during the live recording of the show is the husband of the lady who was asked to call the winner.

Alai posted a video and wrote:

“The guy who won the Safaricom 4G 40000shs voucher on Churchill show is the husband of the lady that was told to call the so-called “winner”. That is fraud of the highest order that must be exposed.

The guy worked at a Japanese NGO called Tenri in Embu and got married to the lady.”

On Monday, the blogger further published photos of the alleged couple alluding that they are indeed married.

In a press release on Monday, Laugh Industry refuted the claims by the blogger saying the said lady is of South Korean origin and not Japanese as alleged.

The entertainment and media production house also stated that the lady was at the show with her fiancé identified as Edwin Onsarigo while the winner is identified as Simon.

Read below the full statement:

Following alleging social media updates as published on 27th November 2016, and directly in regards to the above circumstance, we wish to clarify the following;
1. Laugh Industry, its flagship product Churchill Show and its flagship brand Churchill, upholds moral ethos and business integrity in what they do or associate themselves with, hence it would not be any of its business to swindle, or participate in a conning scenario, or portray falsehoods, lies to the public, or award mendaciously.
2. the above activation was a tripartite affair, Safaricom was activating their product 4G in our platform, Exp Momentum was in charge of mechanics as instructed by Safaricom which were passed on to the host and Churchill Show that was the executant platform unto which the activation of a random award raffle prize was to be awarded to one of the lucky revelers attending the live recording at Carnivore Restaurant that particular day.
3. This was done with a lot of honest intuitive random picking of cards given by the willing audience to participate in the raffle, unto which they were instructed to put down their Safaricom cellphone numbers, in hope that they will win a cash prize of KSHS 40,000/ ( Forty Thousands Shillings). During Churchill’s activation of the same, he picked randomly a lady of foreign origin, who earlier during the recording indicated she is from South Korea with her ‘fiancée’ whom was also introduced then. The lady went ahead and picked randomly a card that had a winner a Mr. Simon, who came forth upon being called by the lady for verification purposes, to collect his prize.
4. Therefore as alleged by the blogger on their status update, we would like to refute that;
a. The lady in question is from South Korea and not from Japan as alleged
b. The lady in question came with her fiancée, a Mr. Edwin Onsarigo with whom they sat and watched the show together throughout, while the winner Mr. Simon was also accompanied by a friend, with whom they sat with at the back of the auditorium throughout the show.
c. Neither Mr. Simon or Edwin or the lady are known to Churchill, or the Churchill Show crew
d. We have since learnt that Mr Simon works at a auto showroom company and travels or interacts with persons of Japanese origins, whom again the bloggers have posted their pictures on his page in an update on 28th November at around midday
5. We have attached the unedited blow by blow events video as unfolded to back the above information.
We take this earliest opportunity also to wish you all Churchill and Churchill Show fans, partners, stakeholders and crew happy holidays 2016 and happy new 2017 year!