luo1The man who made headlines a few weeks ago after spending a fortune on his son’s birthday has been evicted.

Douglas Otieno shocked the nation when word went round that he had splashed Sh1.2 million on his son’s birthday party. The 29 year old decided that his son’s 3rd birthday in September needed to be special.

He rented out one of Kisumu’s top hotels and a troop of paid dancers. He bought matching clothes for himself and his son, and spoiled him with expensive gifts.


Now, Daggy has reportedly been evicted by his landlord over huge rent arrears.

Apparently, he owes his landlord Sh118,000 which is 3 month rent. The ‘wealthy’ guy had rented an office space at Polyview Estate and was expected to pay Sh35,000 per month.

He has not been seen since July, which prompted the estate agents to seize his office equipment. But the furniture and documents cannot cover for the total arrears. Daggy has totally refused to pick his landlord’s phone calls.


The seats and documents we are holding cannot be converted to cash to recover the amount of money he owes us; hence we are still pursuing him to pay the money. Sometimes he never picks calls and at times he receives and gives promises. The latest promise is end of this month, so we are waiting for the deadline,” the estate agent said.

Daggy’s excesses especially during his son’s birthday only infuriated the landlord more and they’ve now decided to lease the house to a new tenant.


“People come to inquire if we have space and we tell them no. We have now decided to lease the house as this is business and we cannot leave a house vacant yet the tenant is not honouring the agreement,”