The bad blood between Diamond Platnumz camp and Ali Kiba continues to boil following the recently concluded Mombasa Rocks Festival.

Diamond Platnumz’s manager Sallam Sharaff has asked Ali Kiba to apologise to Kenyans and East Africans for lying that he(Sharaff) orchestrated the cutting short of Ali Kiba’s performance during the much-hyped festival in Mombasa.

Ali Kiba in an October 10 interview with Radio Citizen’s Mambo Mseto host Willy Tuva, questioned Sharaff’s presence at the backstage when Ali Kiba’s mic was switched off to make way for Chris Brown.

“I saw Diamond Platnumz’s manager going to the backstage when I was performing. What was he going to do there? Of what relevance was he to the event? It did not paint a good picture, especially when people think that Diamond and I have differences, of which we do not have. However, what will people think when they see Diamond Platnumz’s manager at the backstage and almost immediately my microphone goes off?

“What even made him go to the backstage? There are many people who sat at the VIP reserve. If it is a must for someone of his caliber to attend the show, he should have remained rooted in the VIP section. What was he doing at the backstage?” quipped Kiba.

Responding to King Kiba, Sharaff denies any involvement in Ali Kiba’s woes.

“Kenyans deserve an apology from Ali Kiba over his actions. He lied to them and East Africa as a whole (that Diamond Platnumz indirectly orchestrated his woes). It does not matter if he fails to seek an apology from me. I have already forgiven him anyway. I also urge him to reduce the hatred he has toward Diamond Platnumz. We should march forth as a unit, and let him know that Diamond is not involved whatsoever in what happens in his (Kiba’s) life,” Sharaff told Radio Citizen’s Willy Tuva on Tuesday.

He added that he graced the event so he could establish connections with artistes from other countries.

Sharaff further said that he and Wizkid’s manager, Mr Sande, are good friends and that is why he went to the backstage