ortCases of Kenyan businessmen swindling their foreign partners are on the rise.

A Venezuelan man is currently stranded in a posh Nairobi hotel after his local associate disappeared with Sh10 million.

Mr. Simon Franco Ortega has been at the hotel for the past 3 months, and his bill has now hit Sh1 million. Despite filling an official report with the police, his associate has not been arrested.

Mr. Ortega reported the matter at Parklands police station on June 30 this year.

The hotel management has vowed to only release him after his bill is cleared. It is growing each day he spends there.

“We used to receive payments from his family in Venezuela but that stopped after one month yet we have to get our money. We have been providing him with meals and accommodation,” the manager told Nation.

Mr. Ortega has surrendered his passport to the hotel.