beerI’m sure just like me you are struggling to understand how 2016 is almost coming to an end. More than any other year, I can vividly remember things I did all the way back in January. If time was moving right, I think we should be somewhere in May/June.

But around August, I accepted my fate and postponed my new year’s resolutions until next year. And I’m glad I did because Octoberfest is upon us and I like doing this one with a clear mind… YOLO.

The annual global festival brings together millions of beer lovers. United by what is probably the greatest invention of all time, people of all walks of life throng the agreed venue and indulge endlessly.

And of course all the accompaniments of this great drink are in plenty. I’m talking of music, women, choma and basically all you can eat.

What started in the 1800s in Germany has now spread throughout the world and Kenya is as always an early adopter (never mind it took nearly two centuries). Point is, people have fun like they’ve never had before without any risk of judgement.

Now that you have the background, it’s only fair I tell when and where you’ll be opening that wallet.. Good thing you’ve been paid.

This year’s Octoberfest is happening at The Hub in Karen. It will be going down for two straight days ie. Friday 28th to Saturday 29th October.

The entertainment lineup is out of this world.

Among the performers of the festival are The BEATHOGS.

The Beathogs are Nairobi’s hottest funk soul band. The 9-piece band play groovy dance funk soul grooves featuring the soulful vocals Arona Ratemo and Molline Dove, a toe-tapping horn section of Ken Okoth and Emi Kitasako, fat back drums of Andy Salmon, funky percussion hits by Obuya Owino, bountiful bass undertones of Wim Eising, crazy keys of Jazz the Mazz and wicked guitar licks of Alan Brozovich.

They have jammed around the country and beyond in such venues/events as Sawa Sawa Festival, Rift Valley Festival, Treehouse, Carnivore’s Roctoberfest!, Embassies of the Netherlands, Poland and Canada, several hotels including Kempinsky, Ole Sereni, Swahili Beach Diani and Sheraton Kampala, Que Pasa, Brew Bistro, Kengele’s, and many corporate and private parties (incl. UN-SOM Gala, Microsoft, Muthaiga Club).

The BEATHOGS have remained international in make-up with five countries and three continents represented. They play popular and not so popular cover and original tunes guaranteed to make you reminisce, tap your toes and hum along, dance, party and go WILD!








Also set to rock Octoberfest is Ross Patel.

He is a is a Kenyan Rock Guitarist & singer greatly influenced by Rock n Roll & Blues. He was a founder member of the band Navarone that won a number of battle of the bands events in the Kenyan underground Rock scene in the early 2000’s. He has played for many bands in Kenya as a guitarist and has just recently embarked on a solo career to focus on his music.


Ross Patel

You can also look forward to an array of local and international DJs.

In the alcohol department, Jameson will make a big presence with their unforgettable whisky. Wine lovers are also in for a treat courtesy of The Wine Shop.

All beers will be incredibly affordable, and most importantly, the food too. Picasso, Art Caffè and Ocean Basket will be among those taking care of your stomachs needs.

There you go. Your plan for the weekend. Grab you ticket on KenyaBuzz right now.