helloWith the dreadful rise of corruption in Kenya, someone has to do something to help the government fight corruption on every available edge possible. Corruption may soon cripple the economy of Kenya if it is not well handled. The government has lost billions in mega corruption scandals and this is threatening our nation on a massive scale.
Someone has to help the government take the war on corruption to a new scale, well, someone did.

A group of technology experts calling themselves Hello Kenya think that the war on corruption can be fought by adopting technology based approaches. Hello Kenya currently run the website www.hellokenya.co.ke which is targeting intelligent and creative technology approaches to fight corruption.

The group is supposedly inviting ICT experts and university students who have ideas that can help fight graft to share their ideas and get funding for the projects that will promise a reduction or total elimination of graft in Kenya. The owners of Hello Kenya maintain that they are not funded by the government rather the initiative is personal on behalf of and in the benefit of the country.

This is an important approach that a member of the public has taken after seeing the struggles of the government. Technology has proven to be a changing factor in many fields. It could be the key to a corrupt free nation. The president should embrace such ideas as they may hold the key to solving the biggest puzzle of our country.
If you have ideas on how to use technology to fight graft, visit www.hellokenya.co.ke or send an email to [email protected]