recceUS-trained Recce Squad officer Kennedy Mwarabu used an M16 rifle to fire 53 bullets at his girlfriend, Nthenya Katheka before turning the gun on himself in his house at the GSU headquarters in Ruiru last Friday.

The officer killed Ms Katheka after she allegedly told him she was leaving him to marry someone else.

The couple had also quarrelled over Sh420,000 Katheka allegedly took from Mwarabu.

According to investigators, Mwarabu, who had been assigned to the Jomo Kenyatta International Airport, skipped work on Friday. He sent a text message to his wife in Mombasa at 7.30am and told her to call his colleagues at 10am to find out what will have happened.

Shortly after 9.15 am, he shot his lover.

Mwarabu’s Recce Unit colleagues said they tried to call him after hearing gunshots from his house but thier calls went unanswered. They went to his house and pleaded with him to surrender but he refused to open the door.

Investigators said they recovered Katheka’s crushed simcard, an indication that the two might have quarrelled over the contents of the phone.

A neighbour told the Star that Mwarabu and Katheka had been living together for close to three months after the cop returned from the US.

Katheka reportedly moved out of Mwarabu’s house two weeks ago and visited occasionally.

Sources revealed Mwarabu and Katheka quarrelled on several occasions, but managed to resolve their differences amicably.

Source: The Star