govOur governors are keeping up with their wastage of public funds.

On Thursday, the nation celebrated Mashujaa Day and Meru county government saw this as the perfect opportunity to waste the people’s money.

A budget that has made its way online shows that Sh400,000 was spent to hire a chopper for the governor Peter Munya. It is unclear where the governor was coming from for him to require the use of a chopper.

At least Sh2.5 million was used to mobilize ‘guests’ and pay them for their attendance.

A further Sh300,000 was used to hire VIP toilets for the governor and the county executives. An excessive 10 toilets were hired for the occasion at a cost Sh30,000 each.

This is in spite of the event been hosted at the Meru Technical Training Institute, which obviously has several toilets of its own.

Sh1 million was used to buy gifts for the governor, county executives and MCAs, because they are clearly the true ‘mashujaa’.

Here’s the breakdown.

Via @joycCPA

Meru is the same county that made headlines last year after spending Sh7.8 millions to buy curtains for Meru County General Hospital.