policeSome men are quite sensitive to been called ‘Kihii’, which is Kikuyu for uncircumcised.

There is a lot of cultural attachment to circumcision especially among the Bantu, and it can turn violent whenever an insinuation is made that one has not gone under the knife.

That was the fate of one police officer whose video has gone viral.

From what we could gather from the clip, the motorcycle traffic cop met this man at a parking and for unknown reasons called him ‘kihii’.

That did not go down well with the man and he went nuclear pretty fast.

“Kwanini unaniita kihii”.. translated to “Why are you calling me uncircumcised” the guy repeatedly asked the cop, as he threw blows at him.

He then reached for a stone but missed.

The cop seemingly caused the more damage, leaving the man bleeding heavily on his head.

The cop eventually looked a bit apologetic, but he may have to do some repairs on his bike.

Here’s the video.