odeonA video has surfaced online showing a gang of three men rob a helpless woman along Tom Mboya street.

The incident which happened on Saturday saw the lady ambushed from behind by the men who then vanished with her belongings after a brief confrontation.

The gang used the cover of the traffic jam to commit the crime, but it’s quite unfortunate that nobody raised a voice.

The 4pm incident was captured on tape by a Kenyatta University student who was in a nearby bus.

Speaking to Nation, she said,”I was inside a Kiambu matatu at ‘Commercial’ just opposite Tuskys supermarket when I took this video. There is a gang of three, two men and a woman, which has been terrorizing passengers here.”

“For the last two months, I have seen them operate in broad daylight, yet there is always a traffic policeman a few meters away. This time when I saw them I decided to take the video so something can be done about it.”

Here’s the clip.