kenRappers KenRazy and Majirani are at it again!

The two beefing artists are locked in a bitter exchange of words after Majirani accused the Mbilikimo Mkora hit rapper for consistently “lying” that mega hit jam Hivo Ndio Kunaendaga was his song.

Majirani asserts that he paid KenRazy to do a verse for the song, but KenRazy ‘stole’ all the credit for the project.

Majirani’s sentiments come after Kenrazy posted on social media that he only got a measly Sh20,000 for the verse, his cheapest of all his collabos he has featured.

Kwa zile collabo zote nimewai fanya, Hivo Ndio Kunaendaga ndio collabo ile nilicharge pesa kidogo sana kuweka verse. Ksh.20,000 na I’ve never regretted kwa sababu it became one of the biggest song I have ever been part of. “

That seemingly honest confession was not well received by Majirani who responded in a strongly-worded statement on social media.

’According to Kenrazy hivo ndio kunaendanga was the cheapest collabo he ever charged for a verse but according to me it’s the only collabo he was ever paid stop acting expensive ,stop acting holy I lost my respect for you when you went to Churchill show n lied that you wrote my song a song I wrote while in prison ….I remember 8 years ago while at narok high school I sneaked out n got punished heavily the following morning just because I attended your event after school I worked hard to get money n pay you for a collabo only for u to steal it?

Tell us which upcoming artist in your entire career did you ever introduce to us ..apart from using them to insult Majirani… I used to care but nowadays I no longer do ..lemme not mention the latest song that ngangalitto featured you ..we all know what happened n no one paid you…. I heard you talking on mambo mseto about how Tanzanian musicians the likes of diamond are making money you started off way back in 2005 we are in 2016 n you are still complaining of not making money ” when will you start making money?

My advice to you is quit music n manage your girlfriend she has a brighter future in the music game.. Signed:Majirani

#empirerecords.’’ Majirani posted.