dsMultiChoice Kenya has slashed prices for all their DSTV packages in what is seen as response to growing competition.

Starting November 1, subscribers will pay up to 13% less for the various packages.

The most expensive package (Premium) will not cost Sh 8,180 a month down from Sh9,400 reflecting a 13% drop. Compact Plus which has been going for Sh6,400 will now cost Sh5,425.

Compact package, thought to be the most popular, will only see a Sh200 drop in price reflecting a 5% change.

Family Bouquet which has been going for Sh2,150 will now cost Sh1,900. Family Access which goes for Sh1,050 is the only package that will remain unaffected.

DStv Package Old Price New Price Deviation
Premium Ksh.9,400 Ksh.8,180 13% off
Compact Plus Ksh.6,400 Ksh.5,425 15% off
Compact Ksh.3,750 Ksh.3,550 5% off
Family Bouquet Ksh.2,150 Ksh.1,900 12% off
Family Access Ksh.1,050 Ksh.1,050 0% off

Apart from reducing the prices, DSTV has added new channels with the biggest winner being Compact Plus which will get 11 of them.

Following the migration from analogue to digital, DSTV has continued to lose many of its subscribers who either migrate to other cheaper services or free to air, whose picture quality has improved.