aberdareThree university students and a tour guide who went missing at the Aberdare Forest in Nyandarua County on Saturday have been rescued.

The four were part of a group of 100 hikers who had gone on a hiking expedition when they lost their way deep inside the forest.

They were rescued after an operation by the Kenya Police, Kenya Wildlife Service, Kenya Forest Service officers and the public.

The rescue team used three choppers to locate them at a deep valley within the forest.

The four, Kevin Kimani, a student at USIU, Eunice Wanjiru, Rachael Ngendo from the University of Nairobi and a tour guide identified as Joseph Mwangi, said they had to rely on wild fruits to stay alive.

“We were in the company of our colleagues but incidentally, we missed the route that the rest followed. That was when we lost contact. We have spent the two days trying to locate the route out of the forest in vain,” said Kimani.

Kimani added that their phones ran out of power and they could not communicate with their colleagues.

“This complicated the matter. We had to go round the forest the whole of Saturday night but we did not find a way out. We had to light fire to protect us from the wild animals,” he said.

Wanjiru described the incident as a nightmare.

“We all had fun only for the ugly incident to happen to us despite having a tour guide with us. It was like a nightmare. We thank God that the Government came to our rescue.”

Nyandarua County Commander Samuel Kimiti who led the operation said that the four got wind of the chopper’s presence and started waving at it.

“They spotted us in the air and waved at us and that is how we managed to locate them. They were dehydrated and we had to give them first aid before they were airlifted to Nairobi,” Kimiti noted.

They were taken to Nairobi Hospital for medical check-ups.